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Innovazione 4.0 is a project funded by ERDF


Tourismotion.com is a website included in the digitalization project led by Tourismotion LLC - single shareholder. Our dual purpose is to encourage the diffusion of our culture and tourism in destinations of greater historical and artistic interest, and also be at the forefront in digital innovation , thus Tourismotion wants to develop a simple and intuitive tool to provide to the tourist when purchasing a tour or booking a guided experience. The website forms part of a set of digital operations to benefit the development and technological innovation in the travel sector: the devising of Advertising campaigns, SEO optimization activities, full management of all hardware and software aspects involved, creation and arrangement of digital platforms for management and organizational purposes, development and arrangement of a data analysis and multimedia system to upload and update content.


The main objective of the project is to promote both technological development and the enhancement of artistic and cultural resources that, through guided tour experiences, can be offered to the public. The encouragement of tourism from a new digital innovation point has become a shared goal for all those companies that have been able to adapt their activities finding new resources that respond to the current needs in travel market.


Thanks to the valid experience of strong experts with whom Tourismotion is collaborating, several interventions have been effectuated: implementation of Digital Marketing services, development of a management system that allows to carry out the logistics in a digital and automatic way that has finally supported the creation of an internal IOT system (Internet Of Things). As a whole, all these interventions made it possible to develop a project that promises a development in digital innovation in all the main business processes.


For the development of the project, it is necessary a financial requirement of € 24.725,00. After the submission of the application, a contribution will follow of € 11.126,25.

For more information, please visit the website: www.europa.eu